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The main task of such shootings is to convey to the viewer the main idea of the brand, expressed through the plot.The plot is always worked out in advance, discussed and agreed with the customer. Each photo or photo sequence should answer the questions:- Why is it interesting for the viewer to look at this photo?- What information does he get from it?-Does this correspond to the idea, that we want to convey to him?From 3 to 5 images are enough to advertise one collection, the entire and even half of the collection do not need to try to fit the shooting of advertising - for this there’s a Lookbook and a Catalogue.Remember: advertising is about images and mood, not about a specific thing in the frame.Below are my works on shootings this category:

LaLaLove - "In BEACH we trust"
Vika Trap - "Dreams during Lockdown”
Sintezia - “The shoes went out for a walk”
Sintezia - “Angel and Demon. With love to shoes”
CDEK - “Poland - The Witcher”
“What color your underpants is?”
Eye’nEye - “Black Friday Alien”
Eye’nEye - “Lockdown”
KawaiiCat - “Hairy stories No.1”
KawaiiCat - "Hairy stories No.2”
Bangkok Beuty photoshoot
Tetya Rut - “Motherhood. Madness”
GoldenAge - “Dinner Party”
GoldenAge - “CyberPunk through the prism of 80-es”
GoldenAge - “Fatal women of the 30-es”
"Gothic in Pop Art"
"Fucking laces"
ManiaGrandiosa - “Content for the Instagram”
Aleksei Marvin - “Content for the Instagram”
Alexander Egromjan - “ Man with dolphinium”
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