Catalogue is the shooting on the basis of which, the buyer decides to buy the goods. The main task of the catalogue photos, on the one hand, to provide the buyer with maximum visual information about the product (silhouette, texture, fit, details and etc.), on the other hand, to do it in such a way, that the product looks as attractive as possible. Subject shooting of goods without a person also refers to shooting a catalogue, but on the site it’s presented in a separate category.Below are my works on shooting the catalogue:

Catalogue: “Freak Butik”
Catalogue: “Big Jo No.2”
Catalogue: “Big Jo No.1”
Catalogue: “Yoga Wheel”
Catalogue: “ZenMe No.2”
Catalogue: “ZenMe No.1”
Catalogue: “ByChuri”
Catalogue: “Hats for Wildberries”
Catalogue: “Mania Grandiosa”
Catalogue: “Emelya”
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