There’s only one hero of many - The Witcher, was shot as part of a large project of creating photo- and video- content for the transport logistics company “CDEK” 
The content was developed jointly with the company’s positioning management. The basis of the advertising campaign is to reflect the direction of activity of the company that delivers goods from different countries.
To do this, we have chosen the most remarkable heroes of the supplier countries.
In this case - Poland:
The photo with the horse (which is made from the boxes) reflects the connection between the hero’s era and the present tense;​​​​​​​
The image shows the service - customer parcels from different countries are collected by the company’s employees, so that you receive a single box with all your orders (2 variants of images);
“Now you don’t have to guess to find out where your parcel is” - photo and animation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Videos were also shot within the framework of the project:
The meaning of the video can be placed in the slogan: “Delivery is like a magic.”
The hero takes a socks out of a large box and puts in the smaller one. The process symbolizes the service, when the goods get rid of unnecessary packaging before shipment in order to make delivery cheaper.

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